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Looking for a good action game games? Get ready for some genuinely heart-pounding experience! This is the largest collection of action game games online.
The explosion in scientist's lab is main cause of monsters disaster. Chemicals create terrified beasts and turn dead people into zombies. Therefore, the scientist must eliminate all these scary consequences.
You will play role as a hunter in hunting story. There are lots of wild animals here. You need to shoot them with your modern weapons. Do not be wary ...
Vegetables revenge on human who trying to eat them. They get angry and want to reclaim fairness. Join this debate and have fun!
Square Bird is super cool game. Your bird need to lay eggs to build a tower passing traps. You just need to press click and enjoy happy time.
You will play role as a jailed assassin being on the way to take revenge others. Be careful because you are joining dangerous mission.
Johnny Trigger 3D requires you to be skillful in eliminating your enemies. Show your ability, focus on important points so you can pass this barrier of bad guys.
Toilet Rush 2 is an enjoyable game which you must help troll stickman pass obstruction to go to the toilet. Notice time because noone like to have a dirty pant, right. ...
Jack is a woodcutter being on the way to come back home. However, there are many dangers waiting him. Evil zombies are all around. Jack needs to use axe to ...
Ninja War is a typical debate game. Destroy your opponent to gain a higher score. Strengthen by collecting hearts, adding three blades to form a big sword.
Hey, talented ninja! Are you ready joining the war to against evil viruses to protect people on the world. Stop the dangerous spread of this disease.
This is funny zombies games. You are the last soldier of world. Straighten up and kill these silly zombies by zombies. Remember ammo is limit so you should use your ...
You are the cop so let's complete your mission. Enforce justice in this city by defeating all terrorist.