Whack The Phone

Whack The Phone
Whack The Phone10 votes. 2.8 / 5

Whack My Phone is an awesome action game.  We all know the feeling of immense frustration when our Smartphone messes up. When we are playing a game and the battery suddenly decides to die, or when we miss-type a word in a text message 7 times in a row. The anger steadily builds up and we find ourselves wishing we could bring down untold destruction on our beloved mobile phones. Well, with Whack my Phone, this is exactly what you can do!  In the game, you can to destroy a mock mobile phone in a variety of fun ways. Don't worry - no harm will come to your real phone of course! You can choose three popular models of phone (iPhone, Windows and Samsung) and then proceed to smash it to pieces using a myriad of weaponry.  Have fun.

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